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Your Rising Forums' journey includes 10 LEARNING EXPERIENCES. Eight are included in the Forums' annual membership fee. The Weekend Resort Retreats and Family-Business Summits are priced separately.

All components combine to make for an innovative approach to breaking-through the common struggles plaguing families of wealth and the businesses they own…allowing you and your family to thrive individually and collectively.

​The first 3 learning experiences are part of an all-day, Member Forum that occurs 9 times over the course of a year. Member Forums are comprised of 10-14 rising gen members along with a Da Vinci certified 'Dean.' Forums take place locally in an attractive, high-tech boardroom setting.

"Be daring, be different, be impractical, be anything that will assert integrity of purpose and imaginative vision against the play-it-safers, the creatures of the commonplace, the slaves of the ordinary." - Cecil Beaton

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There are 27 family-business, general topics that form a 3-year, comprehensive curriculum designed specifically for the rising generations within families of wealth.

Business Team



There are 27 family-business, technical topicslegal, tax, financial, etc.—that form a 3-year, comprehensive curriculum designed specifically for the rising generations within families of wealth.

Meeting the Staff



Members will benefit by sharing their learning experience with a group of their peers. Trusting, life-long relationships will be formed that will serve as a foundation of support, encouragement and advice that is necessary for healthy and successful living.

On the Computer



Members and Parents will have 24/7 access to the Forum's cloud-based, resource system which contains learning plans, course materials, additional learning opportunities, virtual access to deans, fellow members, experts, advisors and many other resources.

VR Headset


Learning will be about innovative ways to creatively think and gain wisdom…not memorizing data and processes. Whether in the Member Forums or the Family-Business Forums and Summits, learning will be experiential in nature and rely heavily on community learning experiences rather than long-winded lectures.

Business Meeting


11-times per year, members and parents will have separate coaching calls with the Forum dean. These regular calls will provide support, insights, breakthroughs and continuity for the journey through the program. In addition to the calls, members and parents will have access to the dean, Professional Advisory Board members, SMEs, and speakers through the Forum’s social media system.




Periodically, Forum members and parents will be provided opportunities to attend virtual conferencesjust like the real thing—but in a convenient, cloud-based format.

Networking Event


Three-times a year, the dean will gather with the member, parents, family business leaders, and the family office and foundation executives (if applicable). This provides an opportunity to review the past 4-months, look ahead to the next trimester and seize opportunities that have been identified to benefit the family and/or the business.

Business Conference


Twice a year, all the Forums in a geographical area will gather for a day-long, Family-Business Forum. These will be dynamic, innovative learning experiences perhaps unlike anything you have ever attended. Besides members and parents...other siblings, business leaders, family office and foundation executives are all invited to attend. ​Once a year in October, a national Family-Business Summit will bring together Forum members, siblings, parents and family business leaders from across the nation.

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This will provide a unique opportunity to unwind and focus on one topic of special interest. Attendees will be determined based on the topic and can either be: just parents, just siblings, just business owners and/or business leaders, the entire family, or other types of configurations. The Weekend Retreat will be three-days at a resort setting in which 6 to 12 families or family business leaders will come together to have a little fun, network and to make great strides in accomplishing a specific family or business objective.

The most comprehensive program available that focuses on building all six forms of Family Capital:

Financial; Human; Intellectual; Spiritual; Social and Entrepreneurial.

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