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The Forum's Curriculum is multidimensional. It offers various levels of experiential learning innovatively designed to achieve an uncommon depth and breadth of practical experience, competence, and wisdom.


The curriculum is designed to be a three-year program; however, membership can be for 1, 2 or all three years. At the conclusion of the three-year curriculum, Forums will then continue as Master-Level Forums where members develop their own areas to explore and master.


You will have access to an array of learning experiences through various types of platforms and venues designed to efficiently leverage your time and produce transformational outcomes.


We believe it is the most comprehensive program available that focuses on building all six forms of Family Capital:

Financial; Human; Intellectual; Spiritual; Social and Entrepreneurial.



"You must be the change you wish to see in the world." - Mahatma Gandhi

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27 General Topics

of the Member Forum


There are 27 family-business, general topics that form a 3-year, comprehensive curriculum designed specifically for the rising generations within families of wealth.

Business Group

9 Technical Topics from Your Professional Advisory Team


For 90-minutes before each Family-Business Consultation, your Professional Advisory Teamcomprised of your legal, tax, and financial advisors—will present overviews on various technical topics important to life and business.

Business Conference

Periodic Scheduling



This experience will provide a unique opportunity to unwind and focus on one topic of special interest. The Weekend Retreat will be three days in a resort setting that 6 to 12 families or family business leaders will come together to have a little fun, learn, share, network and to make great strides in accomplishing a specific family or business objective.


Desktop Conferences



Periodically, Forum members and parents will have opportunities to attend virtual conferencesjust like the real thing—but in a convenient, cloud-based format. This eliminates the costs and travel time; but, provides a similar experience. Also, it makes it easy to invite siblings, family business leaders, and family office and foundation executives to attend (currently, without any additional charge).

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