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10 Destructive Forces Faced by Families

Updated: Jan 24, 2019

After a long career of working with families of all types, sizes, and levels of wealth. I decided to sit down and catalog the issues that caused these families conflict, pain, frustration, failure, and destruction; perhaps most egregious is that these families fell well short of their great potential.

Periodically, I will post answers to how families can overcome each of these '10 Destructive Forces,' and position themselves to seize every opportunity to reach their full potential and live a more abundant life on all levels.

Let me start with merely listing each of the '10 Destructive Forces:'

I. Apathy & Complacency

II. Undeveloped Values and Belief System

III. Lack of Vision and Clarity

IV. Misalignment

V. Lack of Governance

VI. Deficient Interpersonal Relationship Skills

VII. Money Centric Focus

VIII. Mishandling of Family Financial and Business Matters

IX. Unclear Boundaries

X. Failure to Prepare the Rising Generations

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