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This book offers gems of wisdom that can change your life if you're ready.
Finding a place of inner calm in spite of the chaos of life, taking a clear deep breath and how this serves you, shifting your mind to a positive thought -- these and other gems sparkle brightly in the pages of this book.

An anthology of brief, thought-provoking articles, each one is followed by a page awaiting your own contemplation. Part book, part journal, your job is to be will make the perfect gift for every woman in your life. Every woman of every age could benefit from a few contemplative stolen moments. But especially for women in mid-life, asking 'so now what?' Finding self again, getting soul-connected and realizing the power of passion that may be buried deep inside you. It's your turn again...Discover yourself! Aspire to live a balanced, rich joyful life!

A tithe from the proceeds of this book will be donated to help another person feel joy, dignity, independence, support, and love in her or his life.

You Job is to Be

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