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Professionals with a Passion to Serve and Create Uncommon Value for Our Clients

Da Vinci brings an unparalleled ‘dream team’ of caring and passionate professionals with the skills and experience to successfully address many of the issues faced by individuals, families, and businesses. Our team serves as client advocates and is comprised of highly-coordinated, independent contractors that work collaboratively and systematically with your existing team of professional advisors and consultants.

"If you can find a path with no obstacles, it probably doesn’t lead anywhere." – Frank A. Clark

  • Ilze Alberts | Sr. Consultant | Johannesburg, S. Africa | Human & Organizational Behavior"
    Ilze is a registered Psychologist and Family Behavioral Strategist. She has vast experience in serving families internationally and assisting every member of families to unlock their true potential. Her chief aim in her service to families is to help build multi-generational powerful families, with the focus on fulfilled, inspired, meaningful and prosperous family members. She holds a masters degree in Psychology, has more than 25-years of experience in working with the human behavior, psychology and empowerment of families. She is one of a handful of Master Demartini Method facilitators; a method with a thousand uses for mastering life. She is a popular speaker, author of books, blogs, and articles for both adults and children. Ilze is the proud mother of three powerful and inspiring children, and she is married to the love of her life. She lives in Johannesburg, South Africa and calls the world her home, as she is an avid international traveler. “I dedicate myself to my own family and every family with the desire for purpose, fulfillment, meaning, inspiration, and prosperity for posterity.”
  • Michael Beduze | Managing Partner | Lafayette, LA | Business & Family Office Services"
    BIO MY WHY? I take great joy in working with a person, family or business to envision new possibilities, discover unique pathways, and fulfill purpose and potential. I’m passionate about using my abilities for tackling complex problems through innovative solutions that drive transformational and life-changing outcomes.
  • Melissa Mitchell-Blitch | Sr. Consultant | Charleston, SC | Family Communication and Relationships"
    As a former CPA with a Masters in Psychology, Melissa Mitchell-Blitch is uniquely suited to help families navigate the complexities of family business and wealth. She helps families enhance their communication and relationships, resolve conflict, and learn how to make difficult decisions together. In early 2020, Melissa’s first book, Boundaries for Family Businesses, will be released. In addition to boundary coaching, Melissa helps family businesses with leadership development, succession, and transition, as well as team communication and relationships. Melissa is a Certified Professional Coach, a GiANT Master Coach, and a Myers-Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI) Certified Practitioner. She serves as the Dean of Individual Development for the Purposeful Planning Institute. Melissa is a gifted public speaker, who has presented to various national and international groups.
  • Kyle “Skip” Boudreaux | Sr. Research Analyst | Lafayette, LA | Alternative Investment Analyst"
    Kyle “Skip” Boudreaux is an investment research analysts specializing in the area of alternative investments. Skip provides independent, non-biased, due diligence and research to clients which allows them and their advisors to prudently evaluate proposed investments and oversee existing portfolio holdings. Skip has experience in evaluating a broad spectrum of alternative investments including start-ups at all stages of funding. In 2019 and 2020, Skip was named one of the 100 Most Influential People in Louisiana’s startup scene by Silicon Bayou News. He is a lifelong resident of Lafayette, LA and graduated from the University of Louisiana with a Master of Business Administration and a Bachelor’s degree in Electrical and Computer Engineering.
  • Clark Brown | Sr. Consultant | Athens, GA | Advisory Practice Performance Enhancement"
    I believe in the unlimited power of the human spirit. This spirit, together with the capacity to learn and grow is what fuels advancement. My passion is to empower people to maximize their human capital. Clark serves as a consultant and business coach to business leaders and their companies. My clients value my ability to help them think through their challenges, evaluate their options and discover the critical path for their journey. To better serve my clients—from individuals to multi-national corporations—I have earned certifications in several leadership development and coaching practicum including the ITC Facilitator designation and the Extraordinary Leader Assessment Certification. I also hold the Certified Wealth Strategist designation and the Certified Wealth Mentor designation. In my 30 year career I have come to learn firsthand that the combination of spirit and capacity is what propels innovation and enables people to come together to overcome challenging obstacles. It's human capital. It is what has driven me and it is my passion today. When not working I enjoy volunteering and spending time with my wife and three children.
  • Andrew Bryan | Sr. Consultant | Boise, ID | Education Guidance & Treks"
    Andrew’s expertise is as an educational consultant with a focus on college admission and career guidance for students who have experienced emotional, behavioral, and/or learning challenges. Andrew designs and implements transitional planning and support for adolescents and emerging adults. His educational consulting and mentoring model is based on the premise that people learn basic life skills through positive interaction with the world around them. At the center of my work is assisting individuals in discovering their Core Gifts, essentially embracing the question: "Who am I, and what do I have to offer the world around me!" Andrew’s TrekEpic—a non-profit organization—offers international walking treks for emerging adults, Core Gift Institute Pilgrimages, and the Emerge Gap Year. All are designed to provide unique and dynamic experiences to help people identify and live more fully through the awareness of their Core Gifts.
  • Rusty Cloutier | Sr. Consultant | Lafayette, LA | Banking & Corporate Finance"
    BIO MY WHY? To help people improve their lives. I believe in paying it forward.
  • Yvonne Lanoux | Sr. Project Manager | Lafayette, LA | Project Management"
    Yvonne graduated from Loyola University in Accounting. She spent the next 15 years in public and private accounting. Volunteer service with the PTC and school board in her community led to a second career in parochial school development. She served the University of Louisiana Foundation as Director of Stewardship and Donor Relations, organizing major events and creating annual reports for the non-profit. That tenure transitioned to a position in scholarship administration with the University, where she facilitated a conversion to a University-wide ERP system. A lifelong learner with 200 hours of yoga study to her credit, Yvonne gardens and hikes in her free time.
  • Jeff Martin | Sr. Consultant | Lafayette, LA | Small Business Strategic Planning"
    BIO MY WHY? To give business owners and leaders peace so they can live life as intended.
  • Ed Miltenberger | Sr. Consultant | Covington, LA | Affinity Group Development"
    With over 40 years’ experience, Mr. Miltenberger has worked on the brokerage and company side of the insurance industry. He has extensive expertise in both the life & health and property & casualty space. He also has an active track record in Agency Valuations, M&A, Strategic Planning, and the change management arena, where he has worked with a number of Fortune 100 companies and major associations. His experience includes leading several successful organizations. His involvement in senior management at one of the largest privately owned 'third-party administration' firms in the US, provided exposure to the challenges which growth and change demand. He enjoyed his four years spent overseas working with American International Group (AIG) leading their Personal Lines division in Germany. In 2010 he started Carrier and Affinity Group Strategies, which is involved in consulting on behalf of insurance companies, agencies, and affinity groups. Given his considerable experience, Mr. Miltenberger often serves as an expert witness in Agency Valuations, Mergers and Acquisitions, and in Property and Casualty/Life and Health litigation. Mr. Miltenberger has a Bachelor of Arts in Business Administration from Southern Methodist University. He is also designated as a Chartered Life Underwriter (CLU) and Certified Employee Benefits Specialist (CEBS). Mr. Miltenberger served as President of the Professional Insurance Marketing Association (PIMA), and is active in the American Association of Insurance Management Consultants (AAIMCO).
  • Nick Niemann | Sr. Facilitator | Omaha, NE | Business Model Design & Profit Strategy"
    BIO MY WHY? I believe in the greatness of the Family Business Dream. This is why we “look into the future” with Family Business Leaders to address what’s really needed for you, your colleagues and your families to win the whole game.
  • Tracy Morgan | Sr. Consultant | Newark, DE | Strategic Planning, Organizational Alignment & Marketing"
    BIO MY WHY? I am passionate about creating a better world by working with leaders to provide products and services that are needed, and in a way that improves relationships with their co-workers. I most enjoy working collaboratively with leaders to develop creative solutions for our current
  • Tom Moucka | Sr. Consultant | Nashville, TN | Leadership Development & Facilitation"
    Tom’s career mission is to help people make the world a better place through generosity. “It is a deep satisfaction for me to help others establish financial security for themselves, pass along a blessing to the next generation, and see to it that their favorite charities thrive.” Tom’s experiences span the fields of legacy giving, nonprofit and church advancement, fundraising and capital campaigns, grant writing, board development and retreats, and conflict resolution. He wrote a book on legacy giving, "LegacyNow: A Step-By-Step Guide." He has been the special guest of the president of Benin, West Africa, part of the White House Faith-based and Community Initiative, and founding board member of two private schools. Legacy Planning, Planned Giving, capital campaigns for building and debt reduction, board retreats, board development, nonprofit management, strategic fundraising, grant writing, conflict resolution and mediation, and small group facilitation are some of Tom’s specialties Moucka earned a doctorate in leadership development from Regent University. His dissertation concentrated on strategic funding for faith-based nonprofits. Tom’s special interests include fly fishing, backpacking, golf, tennis and ultralight flying. He has four grown children and eight grandchildren.
  • Fred Reggie | Sr. Consultant | Lafayette, LA | Organizational and Client Service Culture & Sales Training"
    BIO My Why? To guide others to discover, develop, and deliver their talents to all of their personal and professional endeavors.
  • Thomas A. Stewart | Sr. Consultant | New York, NY - Columbus, OH | Employee/Customer Experience, Marketing, and Innovation"
    BIO MY WHY? Management, I believe, has a moral dimension. Businesses become great when they do the right things and do things right. That’s why the signature gesture of business is the handshake. It signifies a promise made and a promise kept. Creating value excites me. Greed turns me off. Helping people grow and do their best excites me. Using people turns me off.
  • Claudia Tordini | Sr. Consultant | Washington D.C. | Organizational & Leadership Development & Family Well-Being
    BIO MY WHY I believe there is immense potential and beauty in every human being. I find purpose and joy in helping bring all that forward in individuals, families, and organizations. I focus on creative and innovative ways to support people’s growth, transformation, and flourishing.
  • Ross Trahan | Sr. Consultant | Lafayette, LA | Executive & Business Coach"
    BIO MY WHY? Ross has a strong passion to see leaders and organizations reach their potential, to the mutual benefit of all they lead. He assists them in reaching their next level of success through facilitating in the areas of training, coaching, and consulting.
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