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Independence  |  Purpose  |  Opportunity  |  Leadership  |  Abundance

As rising generations, you want to assume roles of leadership and define and live your enjoy life on all have loving relationships...and share your 'gifts' with others. The Rising Forums were designed with your objectives in mind.

You are facing a much different world than your parents. As the chairman of IBM was known to have said, "Business (life) is moving faster than it ever has...and, it will never be this slow again." People and companies are compelled to adapt to the pace of change or, in too many cases, become obsolete.

Moving forward in the 21st Century, survival has become more about: change management; innovation; disruption; ways to access information; collaboration; networking; meaningful work; feedback loops; and yes...some fun and celebration.

The Rising Forums are oriented to respond to the varying needs of all generations...and to continually focus on developing wisdom, which never goes out of style.

"Let us not follow where the path may lead. Let us go instead where there’s no path and leave a trail." - Japanese Proverb

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