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Business Conference

Periodic Scheduling of Retreats

This experience will provide a unique opportunity to unwind and focus on one topic of special interest.


The Weekend Retreat will be three days in a resort setting that 6 to 12 families or family business leaders will come together to have a little fun, learn, share, network and to make great strides in accomplishing a specific family or business objective.

Topics that you can expect to see scheduled in the near future include:

  • Developing an Exit Strategy that Works for You, Your Family and Your Business

  • Developing a Family Philanthropy Plan: The Glue that Binds the Generations

  • Building the Foundation for an Estate Plan that Will Leave a Legacy...Not a Mess

  • Building Your Life Plan: Living a Purpose Driven Life without Regrets

  • War & Peace: The Process for Resolving Family Conflict

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