Since relationships are our business, we want ours to be a long and happy one. We are highly motivated to make a difference for you, and we’ve found that this approach is most likely to do that.


Life or Business Check-Ups are short, fun, powerful, and modestly-priced engagements that produce transformational and life-changing results. Check-Ups are available in versions for individuals, couples, families or businesses.


The process involves some private interviews and modest preparatory work which culminates in back-to-back, half-day meetings held in a relaxing environment facilitated by your Da Vinci consultant.


You will experience meaningful conversations that will alter the course of your life, family, and/or businesses. You will gain a deeper understanding of your current circumstances…refocus hopes, dreams, and objectives…and begin to formulate a game plan for success on all levels.


You will walk away with a renewed sense of well-being, vision, and confidence that comes from gaining greater clarity and focus about what matters most, ways to elevate your life and/or business, and to address issues that here-to-fore were avoided or thought impossible to resolve...all the while having some fun!


A key aspect of our work is that we represent and serve each member of the family, regardless of who is paying our fee. Each stakeholder—adult family members, spouses, business leaders, and trusted advisors—can be 'invited' to participate (subject to client's preferences) and can elect to 'opt-out' of the process.


For those that do elect to participate, we sit down to have confidential, private conversations to understand viewpoints, ideas, and expectations. Ultimately, those in control will make the final decisions. But, using this methodology, the decisions are wiser and achieve optimal outcomes for you, each stakeholder, and the group as a whole.


For a group of people—whether a family, a team or an organization—to accomplish anything of significance, they must be in alignment. We use the most advanced alignment system available to actually measure degrees of alignment within groups around any topic through a process that is quick, comprehensive, and anonymous. This is true even for families that find it challenging to meet without it ending in an argument.


The initial alignment process is based on measuring the family's and/or business's degree of alignment around roughly 200 'best practices' in all areas of family and business life. For items that the group is aligned, immediate and confident action can occur. For issues that lack alignment, we apply a proven process for rapidly bringing groups into alignment. This phase of our work propels a family and/or business to new levels of achievement and success.

Clarity & Focus

Clarity and Focus are inseparable. Nothing meaningful, particularly with a group of people, can be accomplished without gaining clarity around four conditionswhere are we now, where do we want to end up, what are the barriers to success, and what possible unintended consequences do we need to consider.


Historically, only 30% of business projects or personal initiatives are successful! The reason for the high failure rate is because people and businesses act before gaining clarity about the why, what, who, when, and how. Once clarity is achieved, sufficient and proper resources must then be applied, managed, and focused on achieving a successful outcome.


Our collaborative approach fosters a spirit of appreciation, cooperation, and collaboration among professionals. It provides an environment that leverages everyone’s expertise and experience towards providing wise advice and counsel while serving your best interests.

Having a client's advisory team collaborate in an orchestrated manner greatly reduces the amount of time and effort on your part while increasing the value and benefits you receive.


A detailed Action Roadmap is prepared to address all of the areas identified throughout the process that will achieve the stated objectives and goals. We focus on solutions that are innovative, transformative, sustainable, and most importantly, achieve the optimal outcome you desire.


When dealing with multiple people, advisors, consultants, and projects, important things can slip through the cracks. Da Vinci is available to coordinate and manage projects with the mindset of getting things done and for plans to be fully implemented and managed on an ongoing basis.

Sustain & Improve

Life and business are changing exponentially, making 'change management' one of the most important aspects of achieving and maintaining high-levels of sustainable success. Once an afterthought, developing a review process is a vital component of any planning process.


Additionally, Da Vinci has developed an economical and highly customizable, cloud-based Family Office Application that orchestrates and manages the myriad of complexity surrounding families of wealth and their business interests.

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