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Da Vinci Global Consulting, LLC


Colorado Multi-Generational Family Enterprise

Owner of an International Manufacturing and Distribution Company

10-Year Da Vinci Client for their Family System - Ownership System  - Family Business System

Denis J. Bergeron, IV

Next Gen of Multi-Gen

Family-Owned Business

Arcadia Realty Group, LLC (Cleveland)

"The gravity of Da Vinci Global Consulting's services cannot be overstated.


Da Vinci has provided to my family and me expert counsel in a relaxed and encouraging environment. In them, we found a centralized coach, mediator and facilitator who enabled us to navigate sensitive business and interpersonal matters devoid of confusion or separation.


From personal discovery to formulating our vision for our family's estate and business plan, Da Vinci addressed issues that are instrumental to our family’s future and prosperity. Maneuvering the business of life; all with an intrinsic, moral foundation."

Hugh Massie

CEO & Behavioral Strategist

DNA Behavior International

Da Vinci is a ‘rock star’ when it comes to guiding people, families and businesses to their full potential.

I have known Da Vinci’s founder, Michael Beduze, for over 17-years and have witnessed how he has poured his heart, passion and creative genius into serving clients and developing what I think will one day be the global leader in serving the unique challenges facing families of wealth. Da Vinci is spot on in its commitment to serve as an uncompromising advocate for its clients while creating an environment to maximize the value of their advisory team.


Candidly, I don’t see how a family, its members and their company can thrive in today’s world without a company like Da Vinci by their side.

Michael Olivier

Executive Director

Committee of 100

Former Secretary of Economic Development for Louisiana

"Da Vinci exceeded our expectations. They responded to our every request in a professional, thorough and timely manner.


They were able to accomplish more than we imagined possible in 25% the time as our past attempts to develop policy positions based on the opinions of our membership...and, did it with significantly higher-quality, actionable outcomes."


It allowed our organization to respond rapidly with a high-degree of confidence to a fast-moving and critically important matter facing the State of Louisiana.


I have never experienced anything like Da Vinci's process. I highly recommend it and Da Vinci.

Diane Thornton, CFP, MBA

Senior Dir. of Gift Planning

University of St. Thomas (Houston)

"Da Vinci has the expertise to work with teams to bring forth the highest level of effectiveness and to maximize organizational performance. Resource management of people that focuses on their natural instincts is a 'motivator' in the workplace.


Our development department has used Da Vinci services on several occasions. Their top qualities are: great results, expertise, and high integrity."

David Talbott, MD, FAAEM, DC, MBA

National Medical Firm & Family-Owned Vineyard Business (Grand Junction) 

"In management with a national medical corporation and shareholder of a large family-owned agricultural business, balancing my life and yet giving my affairs the attention they require was a Herculean task. Then, I had the good fortune of being introduced to Michael Beduze and his team at Da Vinci. That was the beginning of a wonderful relationship that has now lasted well over a decade.

My association with Michael and his organization has not only been financially profitable, but has afforded me the ability to spend more time with my family and to pursue other activities that have enriched my life on many levels. Da Vinci has not only tended to my affairs, they have also provided a great deal of direction, insight and sage counsel focused on the “big picture.”  Their zeal to help me discover the "keys" to unlock my full potential and to fulfill my life’s purpose has made all the difference.

As one journeys through life, I have found this quality of relationship to be a rare gem.


After years of observing Michael’s exceptional performance, expertise, vision and steadfast integrity, I have absolute confidence in his organization.


The Da Vinci team are wise counselors and advocates; 100% in my corner and focused on protecting my best interest….an experience not to be missed."

Klaas Baks, PhD

Executive Director

Emory Center for Alternative Investments

Tiger 21 Chair (Atlanta)

"Da Vinci is excellent to work with. They take you step-by-step through complex problems and drive actionable outcomes.”

Odon Bacque

Executive Benefits Consultant

Former State Representative

"Da Vinci has helped several of my clients develop business exit plans. They, and I, have been impressed with their expertise and Da Vinci’s process.


I highly recommend Da Vinci."


Rising Gen from Family of Wealth

"…I did not expect the insight that the experience gave me and I was pleasantly surprised by my renewed confidence. What I most appreciated was that it reminded me that some of the tendencies that I have come to view as negatives are and can be used as my strengths.


Please know that I am not exaggerating when I say that the day after we spoke was a monumentally different day for me.


I approached my personal and work tasks with more confidence, less frustration, and much more patience with myself. I sincerely treasure my experiences (with Da Vinci)  and believe that it will have a significant and positive impact on my life, work and relationships for years to come."

Various Companies, Organizations & Associations

for Organizational Alignment

Stephen Sylvan – Staff Member

The White House

It was like speed dating for multi-stakeholder consensus.

Libby Bernick – Board Member

Green Products Roundtable

Our group struggled for 2+ years with building consensus on some key contentious issues. The results using the alignment optimization process were dramatic.

Claire Lindsay


This is a cool process for managing complex issues. Easy to use.

Dave Frankil – President

National Assoc. of Federal Credit Unions


We were able to come together as a team and focus in an amazingly short period of time.

J. Lee – Executive Director

Delaware Health Information Network


(They) helped us end up with a first-class product.

Ken Smith – Executive Director

Delaware Housing Coalition


Being involved in the planning process was a very productive experience that far exceeded my expectations regarding how far our group could come to an agreement on a very difficult topic.

Barb DeHaven – Staff Member,

Delaware Economic Development Office


(Tracy) work very hard with her team to accomplish aggressive objectives with realistic implementation plans.

Rev. David Peck

St. James Episcopal Church

(Lancaster, PA)


Wow! I received more value than I would have from a big name consultant.


Max Bolka

Business Consultant, Motivational Speaker

& Author

Comprehensive Business Consulting (Asheville)

"I am completely confident in recom-mending Da Vinci Global Consulting for Family Office development, support services, and family and human dynamics.


You have impeccable character, do outstanding work and work hard to ensure client satisfaction…and, you can quote me on that!”


Large Family Ranching Enterprise (Wyoming)

"Da Vinci transformed us from a fractured family…to a loving family."


We never thought we could come together like this...we're so relieved. Da Vinci always made us feel valued; representing each family member impartially. They were the 'calm' in the midst of our 'storm' and always were encouraging and supportive throughout the process. Good job!


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